Purchase of cds directly from Tim are available at performances and by mail;  funds generated go directly to the musicians that make these sacred recordings possible! To request cds, email a request to mahashakti108@yahoo.com

In addition, MahaShakti Music can be found by searching Tim Lechuga MahaShakti Music on Spotify, youtube, and i-tunes.

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MahaShakti debut

Mahashakti's Music for the Spirit journeys to where Western storytelling meets Eastern Spirituality...a meditative blend of American ballad and Indian kirtan.

1.  I Belong To You
2.  Shree Radhe Shyam
3.  Prema Love
4.  Jai Gurudev
5.  Your Own Wonder
6.  Old Rishis
7.  Holly Golightly

MahaShakti: punah punaha

MahaShakti's 2nd cd unifies the sacred vibrations of ancient mantras with contemporary musical energy.  Punah punaha expresses Mahashakti's deepening love with the divine Self.     

1.  Om Invocation
2.  Asatoma preview
3.  Ram Ram Bhajamana
4.  Tat Tvam Asi
5.  Vitthala
6.  MahaShakti GuruShakti
7.  Asatoma Gadgamaya

One Night in the UniVerse

1. One Night in the UniVerse
2. Govinda jaya jai
3. Like A Pilgrim
4. Hare Shiva Shankara
5. Shivoham
6. A Thousand Days